Capturing Pryce Plaza

pryceI attended the CDO Blogger Street Photography last April 22. 2 Professional photographers were invited to teach us how to capture our subject using our camera. I still don’t have DSLR cam so I use my point and shoot Sony digital camera, which they openly welcomed. I’ve tried to capture some people in the vicinity but I decided to publish this one first. You see, even with my digital cam, I’m still not familiar with its functions. I love to take pictures but the problem with me (or with us, hehe) was that I did not bother to study the settings.

Anyways, shown in this picture is the Pryce Plaza Hotel, which the management ironically changed the sign to Pryce Gas (a name not appealing for a hotel). If you’re from CDO or familiar with our city, I was actually at the side of Carmen bridge, near Cathedral Church. I just zoomed my camera, adjusted the ISO to 100, put the settings to Auto Program and focus my subject at the center. And I just love the result for I was even able to capture the bird that passed by.

I still have other pics captured at Gaston Park Playground but I can’t see any whites in there 🙂

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