Politics in the Philippines

It has been almost a month since we had our Philippine election but it seems that people had not yet moved on. If ever the winner is declared, the losing end will not accept defeat. Instead, they cried recount, claiming that they had been cheated. Yep, that’s the way it is in the Philippines!

And now, the new sets of government administration and the media are in circus. Interviews made were sensationalized, people overacted, the interviewees’ answers were exaggerated and the result was a complete disaster!

Sometimes, I don’t like to hear or read the news because it became so showbizy, and I thought I was trying to get updates on the current news.

Anyhoo, I am just expressing what I’ve observed for the past years that I have exercised my right to vote. And this only not happens on election, it’s almost everyday.

I wish the news that I am going to read in the coming days will have some sense. I hope I can even find a better news site online. However, this is the Philippines. Why should I then be surprise?

Election Mania

With the coming election in our country is nearing, choosing a next and a better leader is crucial this time. I am just glad that there are debates for the 5 candidates where we can hear their platforms and plans for the country. The way they handle the questions, the way they answer will reflect on what kind of a leader he or she is.

Although most of our leaders are only good with promises, we could only hope that our next President for the next six years will really implement his/her plans. We pray for corruption to stop, crime to lessen or eradicated, people in the country to unite and a very good governance. Our country had suffered a lot. We still have that ‘bulok-system’ because of how the government agencies or offices handled their jobs.

Anyhoo, I wish for the best in our country. I admit I almost lose hope but I guess I should continue on hoping that there will come a time a good leader will help boost our country. I will still exercise my vote. But as of now, I need to listen to their agenda and see their sincerity. I hope by May 2016, I have my final list for who should I vote.

Choosing A Better Leader

Election fever in our country is on! Even though the candidates were told not to spend much for campaign yet they don’t seem to listen. They spent too much on television campaign, on tarpaulins, on radios and almost everywhere. And when reprimanded, they just make excuses that those ads were paid by kind donors, etc, etc, etc.

Politics here is dirty as well and as the election nears, I don’t know anymore who to choose. I had my bet few months ago but recently I already doubted the sincerity. I think this candidate just lose my vote. And now, I don’t know who deserves to be the next leader in our country. I could only pray that whoever is elected is God-fearing and be the lesser evil among the candidates.

Pray for our country as well. I still wish for a better future for the Philippines and that is, if we have a chosen a good leader.

Election 2016 is Coming

Election of President in our country will be on May 2016 but as early as now, I’ve seen a lot of politicians campaigning on TV. Although they may not admit that they are campaigning, but they are very visible and the commercials aired on TV are informing the public what these politicians have contributed in our country.

I wouldn’t have minded it but most politicians in our country are so corrupt. And even when caught, they still deny it and had the guts to turn it against the ones complaining. Yeah, only in the Philippines.

And when the election of President comes, and when the winner is declared, I’m pretty sure I would hear this overused lines again – “I am cheated”. So there. This is how our politics work in this country. Nobody is wrong and everybody is right.

Yet I am still wishing for a better leader. I don’t know if it will ever happen but if it does, then I’d rest my case 🙂