Same Old, Same Old


Posted by K | Posted in Opinion, Politics | Posted on 17-02-2017

I dunno how to feel about our current administration right now. It’s even scary if someone would post their disappointment or dismay on their social media coz they will get bashed left and right. Worst, these bashers are so mean coz they get below the belt. They are the loyal supporters of the current admin who never accepts criticisms even if it’s constructive. And even if you are not a supporter of their number 1 nemesis, they are just blind to see that because they chose to believe what they want to believe. It’s just plain annoying!

So, I’ll just post my dismay here on my blog coz I can screen the people who will come here and give comments. I’m just disappointed that the processing of government ID’S or papers (passports, license, plate numbers) are being delayed. I thought it was mentioned by our Chief Commander to hasten it but the result was the exact opposite! I dunno know who’s to blame here coz the staff are pointing one finger to another. One staff reasoned out that they were still processing the delayed license since 2 years ago. Oh. Wow! Another one said, it was because of the newly established system that caused the delay. Oh. Wow. Again!

I’m still crossing my fingers, though, that this will not take FOREVER. Or else, I would say, this is just the same as the old government. Nothing’s new. Nothing’s changed.

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Always Think Before You Click


Posted by K | Posted in Opinion, Personal | Posted on 29-09-2016

I stayed away from Facebook lately because all I get to see and read were rants from people about politics, their dirty laundry at home and so on and so forth. Of course, I could just ignore them but they always appear in my feeds when I logged in. I know there’s an unfollow button and I did that to some but a new one appeared.

Sometimes, I get distracted reading some links that I ended up wasting my time…sigh… So, I am now more of an Instagram person because I only get to see pictures and I only have few followers/followings… And what I love about Instagram is that I love looking at beautifully-captured pictures and that’s all.

Anyways, I hope some people will learn to control their emotions as not to post things on their social media that they will soon regret. Sometimes, I really find it ironic for some people to post about Bible verses and how they love, praise and worship the Lord and the next day, when they are upset, they cursed and condemned those people they dislike. They kept saying what a big hypocrite those people they trusted and disliked but look at them! I wish they look first in the mirror before they point fingers to the other people they despise. What’s the difference between the 2 of them? NADA.

This opinion of mine could get me into trouble, too, if I posted this there. So I shun away from posting personal attacks in my social media. Even at times I am tempted to do so just to express my anger or frustrations. But I also think of the after effects so I tried to think sane as not to add more damage to the situation I’m in.

So, I guess, I gotta live by this Social media rule: Think before you click.

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Praying for our Country


Posted by K | Posted in Opinion | Posted on 24-07-2016

Lately, extra judicial killing is always in the news lately. Those who were killed were known to be drug pushers and were killed by vigilants paid by the government or others said, by the President. Before election, then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vowed to clean the government from drug pushers. He said to give him 3-6months but it will be bloody.

After the May 9 election, the mayor became the President of the Philippines and true to his words, he was after of the drug pushers who destroyed other people’s lives and weakened mostly our society’s morale. I must admit I did not vote for him although I favored him a lot. I did not vote for morality reason but prayed that should he win, I pray that he will lessen cursing in public and give a little respect for the pries coz not all of them were against him. I decided to vote for a lady candidate because I thought she was of a lesser evil.

But when Duterte won, I gave him respect and honor him as the President of the republic just like what I did in previous elections that whoever is elected, I will just support to attain peace in our nation. And I hope other people will do that as well…

Anyway, going back to President Duterte or President Digong (as what he is fondly called) fight against drugs, I am in favor of it. However, I condemn those extra judicial killings because some were really questionable. I guess some were just riding the President’s platform because some victims don’t have any record for being a pusher at all. I hope this will be investigated and be stopped before more innocent lives will be taken. Sigh.. what a waste of life to live and be mistaken to be a criminal even though you’re innocent.

Still, I pray for our President that he will be guided and be able to clean the image of our country. I pray for our nation to attain its peace and order. And I pray for the safety of our lives especially to those who are innocent.

God bless the Philippines!

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Politics in the Philippines


Posted by K | Posted in Election, Opinion, Politics | Posted on 02-06-2016

It has been almost a month since we had our Philippine election but it seems that people had not yet moved on. If ever the winner is declared, the losing end will not accept defeat. Instead, they cried recount, claiming that they had been cheated. Yep, that’s the way it is in the Philippines!

And now, the new sets of government administration and the media are in circus. Interviews made were sensationalized, people overacted, the interviewees’ answers were exaggerated and the result was a complete disaster!

Sometimes, I don’t like to hear or read the news because it became so showbizy, and I thought I was trying to get updates on the current news.

Anyhoo, I am just expressing what I’ve observed for the past years that I have exercised my right to vote. And this only not happens on election, it’s almost everyday.

I wish the news that I am going to read in the coming days will have some sense. I hope I can even find a better news site online. However, this is the Philippines. Why should I then be surprise?

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Hoping for a Better Tomorrow


Posted by K | Posted in Opinion, Politics | Posted on 09-11-2015

Our country will hold it’s National Election for President, Vice President, Senators and other positions in the lower office on May 2016 yet as early as August 2015, so many aspiring candidates were campaigning already! Well, as they say, only in the Philippines!

I just hope these people will not violate rules given to them. The filing of Certificate of Candidacy was done last October 2015 but prior to that month, most of the ‘candidates’ already filled the airtime on Television about their Ad and their advocacy. Sure, they wanted to let the people know what they did for the country but should they really do that? A good leader should set good example. But I know I am just one against many others.

We aim for discipline yet these people running for the top positions in the government need discipline, too. I am just an ordinary person, trying to make a difference by abiding the rules and regulations yet a lot are abusing them. I am just one ordinary person who wished to see a better Philippines by trying to start change from within but how can I see changes if the rest are violating them?

I hear a lot of people whining about some government officials yet they themselves are also doing corrupt things. Worst, they are even proud of claiming it!

I just wish that our next leaders will be more firm when it comes to discipline and can do something to stop corruption in the government itself. I wish that our next leaders can do something about fixing the crime rates that’s been increasing every year.

And I wish for a Better Philippines in the near future so that the people can give back the trust to the officials and they can live harmoniously and peacefully 🙂

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