Hoping for a Better Tomorrow

Our country will hold it’s National Election for President, Vice President, Senators and other positions in the lower office on May 2016 yet as early as August 2015, so many aspiring candidates were campaigning already! Well, as they say, only in the Philippines!

I just hope these people will not violate rules given to them. The filing of Certificate of Candidacy was done last October 2015 but prior to that month, most of the ‘candidates’ already filled the airtime on Television about their Ad and their advocacy. Sure, they wanted to let the people know what they did for the country but should they really do that? A good leader should set good example. But I know I am just one against many others.

We aim for discipline yet these people running for the top positions in the government need discipline, too. I am just an ordinary person, trying to make a difference by abiding the rules and regulations yet a lot are abusing them. I am just one ordinary person who wished to see a better Philippines by trying to start change from within but how can I see changes if the rest are violating them?

I hear a lot of people whining about some government officials yet they themselves are also doing corrupt things. Worst, they are even proud of claiming it!

I just wish that our next leaders will be more firm when it comes to discipline and can do something to stop corruption in the government itself. I wish that our next leaders can do something about fixing the crime rates that’s been increasing every year.

And I wish for a Better Philippines in the near future so that the people can give back the trust to the officials and they can live harmoniously and peacefully 🙂

Election 2016 is Coming

Election of President in our country will be on May 2016 but as early as now, I’ve seen a lot of politicians campaigning on TV. Although they may not admit that they are campaigning, but they are very visible and the commercials aired on TV are informing the public what these politicians have contributed in our country.

I wouldn’t have minded it but most politicians in our country are so corrupt. And even when caught, they still deny it and had the guts to turn it against the ones complaining. Yeah, only in the Philippines.

And when the election of President comes, and when the winner is declared, I’m pretty sure I would hear this overused lines again – “I am cheated”. So there. This is how our politics work in this country. Nobody is wrong and everybody is right.

Yet I am still wishing for a better leader. I don’t know if it will ever happen but if it does, then I’d rest my case 🙂

Yeah, I’m Angry!

I just can’t understand the system of our government in our country. They get rich at the expense of others and most of them live like they’re gods. I hate to watch news on TV but I get updated online and these politicians are getting worst each day.

People in our country (yeah, Philippines, where else?) can’t be blamed why they’re leaving and rather stay abroad. Actually, I love to stay here because my family and friends are here but I’m also wishing to get out of here because of the government’s bad system. Everyday it’s really getting worst. Just last month part of our country was totally devastated because of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) and it caught international attention. Many came and sent their aid but what did our government do? Instead of focusing help  to our fellowmen, they were busy politicking and blaming each other. They made stupid policies that even caught the attention of other countries and how embarrassing it turned out to be. It was humiliating for us, people, who witnessed what our local government did. I am not just referring to the current administration, even the opposition were busy destroying others to gain sympathy (?) or just their way of plotting their political enemies. Others were also taking advantage of the situation. Worst than the super typhoon, right?

I hope this political hullabaloo will end so that they can focus on the needs of people. Thousands lost their lives, homes and livelihood. These people should be the topmost priority. But it seems that the funds sent to aid these people were “stolen” from the “opportunists” and now they get richer. Oh, I hope they burn in H***. Sorry, but couldn’t look for a better way to say it.