Optical Adhesive

If some of your items need to some repair or if for example your glasses is broken, you can use optical adhesive as they are simply reliable. This kind of adhesive can be used for bonding ceramics, plastics, metals, etc. You can store this at the required room temperature for long lasting use. You can buy this at the store near you or you can purchase it online where you will be taught thoroughly on how to apply the product.

Sad But True

It’s going to be our City Fiesta tomorrow but so many activities are already happening today & the previous days. It’s always fun here during the last week of August and malls are having big sale, too! However, due to bomb threats and many bad incidents that had happened late last month, people are more vigilant these days. In fact, most malls are not that crowded anymore unlike the previous years. People prefer to stay home than go to crowded places. I just hope those bad people are captured so that we can go do our usual things just like the old times. However, the culprits are still on the loose. I don’t even know if they will even be captured because as far as our justice in concerned in our city, even in our country, nothings gonna happen and it will never be served. Sigh… sad but TRUE!

He Could’ve Been 65

If my dad were alive today, he could have turned 65 last July 26. I still miss him but I know he’s happy with his Maker now. I often think what life would have been if he was still around. I’m sure he love spending his time with his 3 grandchildren. My dad died at the age of 51. He was at his peak of his life but cancer took his life early. Being the youngest and only daughter of 3 kids, I was the closest to him. That’s why when the news broke that he had a Big C, I just couldn’t accept it. I was angry and depressed. But later I accepted everything. I had to be strong to accept the facts of life. He had suffered enough and prolonging his life was a big agony for him. He got weaker and thinner until he has no more tears to shed because everything dried up. He hugged and talked to me one last time before he went into a coma. Then he peacefully died on February 19, 2001.

Instead of getting angry, I was thankful to God that He was with us through tough times. For letting me understand life, sufferings, pains and sorrows. And that there is still beauty to death. Weird as it may sound but am glad that his family were able to say their goodbyes to him, were able to take care of him before he left us. I guess he was prepared.

Anyway, my mom, my brother & sister inlaw, me and my family visited my dad’s grave on a Sunday afternoon. We prayed then had dinner at SM mall. My other brother and his family were not present because they live far from us and we understand that. We know he thought of our dad as well. So to all those who still have dads out there, spend quality time with your old man. And don’t miss spending special moments with your moms, too, and thank them for the life they gave to us…

CDO Blast

Our City used to be a safe place to visit before but now, even the city dwellers don’t like to go out anymore after the July 26, 2013 bombing incident at Limketkai Rosario Arcade. 3 people died on the spot right away, another 3 were announced dead on arrival and 2 more died a couple of days later and 48 people were injured. It was the most devastating incident in our city. Most of the victims were doctors and med-reps who came from other cities in the country to attend a national convention. Others who perished were local politicians. It was already night time when it happened, when these people were trying to relax and unwind in a bistro bar where a live band also perform. Since it was a Friday, the place were jam-packed with people and most of them were young professionals. Past 11 pm when the blast happened that scared all the people in there. Sad to say, the suspect was not caught even though the police released a cartographic sketch of the person responsible for the bombing. Witnesses said they saw someone sitting in one chair and ordered a beer. After that he left his seat including a black bag that contains the bomb. I think the establishment don’t have a CCTV because if they do, they could have easily identified the culprit. Right now, most people in our city refrained from going to the malls as there are still threats about bombing especially that our Fiesta celebration is nearing this month of August.

I really denounced this kind of terrorism in our city. I hope and pray justice will be served to the victims. I hope for the fast capture of the suspect and I pray most of all for peace and safety for all of us who are not doing anything bad to the community.  Oh dear God, help us, help our City and may the mastermind surrender and may You keep all of us safe. Amen.