Just a Personal Matter

Life isn’t that great for me lately. I’ve been going several series of lab tests at the hospital and been seeing different doctors. I was a bit devastated with the results of my cysts in my liver coz it had gotten bigger, not to mention I also have cysts in my kidney…sigh…what should I do?

I felt like my world stopped. But my husband told me to go on and live life to the fullest. But I am a pessimist type of a person. How can I live life to the fullest when these bothers me a lot? I could only pray for miracle.

The life that I have lately is not an ideal one coz I felt that I lived alone. I mean I am not alone but it feels like I’m alone. sigh…

But I’ll try to fight this and live the life my husband told me to do so¬† coz I still have young kids. I want to be around them because I believed that they need me, especially my youngest child. Who will take care of her or watch over her and provide all her needs if something not nice happens to me? God forbid..

So I now I pray that I live longer. This is when I asked the heavens to heal me or allow me to live longer and enjoy my time with my family especially my children.

I know I’m emoting right at this moment but I just want to express my sadness over the news of my recent health. But if miracles do happen, then, I shall be forever grateful to Him up above for hearing my prayers.

Gotta rest now and hope to share some newsworthy things in this blog. For now, allow me to feel what I want to feel.

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