Just Keep Calm


Posted by K | Posted in Opinion | Posted on 13-12-2017

Not much to talk about these days but I guess I will just share in here some thoughts of mine that I cannot share in social media. People sometimes expressed their opinions not thinking that they are stepping somebody else’s toe. They whined and complained a lot, not thinking that what they’re complaining and whining about are exactly what they are doing. They tend to point fingers to others, not realizing that many times they have violated such rules if it benefits them, expressing only disappointments if it’s not in their favor.

I’ve seen and read so many posts in my Facebook newsfeed. I don’t know if I will laugh about it or get pissed. Another thing that I oftentimes read or posts about Bible verses. Sure it’s a good thing to post. I even love reading it. What I don’t like is this same person post a lot of swear words if he/she got pissed over some incidents either their home, office, school and even about politics. What a hypocrite… sorry.

I just hope people will be more careful of what to say online. I’ve learned a lot about that and it’s not even good to post things when you’re angry. It could ruin relationships to families, to friendships and everything. So before posting it, I guess it’s best to cool down your heads first. It will do you no good if you say a lot of bad things because everything will be too late to reconcile…well, just my thought. So, if you dislike someone, better unfollow them or do not add them as friend at all. But I’ve got this habit of keeping my ‘not so likeable friends’ closer, hehe. This is for monitoring purposes, lol.

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