Let’s Be Cool About Life


Posted by K | Posted in Life | Posted on 20-04-2017

I just came from my FB page and wow, I just read some rants of the people I know who thought that they’re the only ones entitled to say something. They tend to correct other people’s mistakes but not looking on their own. Instead they judge, they say something not nice or use some proverbs or any bible quotes and used it against another person. So, just wow!

I refrain from saying something in my FB wall because other people will not get it. Even if the message is not for them, some felt it’s about them. I dunno why they think that way, as if everything revolves around them. So, I still stick to my old motto, less talk less mistake. I think it’s safe to rant in my blog so here I am, free to say so.

Anyway, I’ll just share some details later if I feel the need to share something. But I guess you noticed most of my blogs in here were mere opinion and didn’t say anything bad to a particular person. I’ll just say that let’s continue to spread good vibes and let’s be cool about life 🙂

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