My Daughter Deserves It!

Been to my eldest daughter’s school this morning and was congratulated by her adviser because my she’s 1st honor again. Prior to go to school, I was a bit worried yet I still expected my daughter to land 1st in her class. However, there were so many 1st honors that I just can’t believe if other students deserve it.

I am my daughter’s tutor and we had argued a lot in those times. But I can really say that my daughter did well than the rest of her batch mates. She always gets a grade of A and most of the time, she always gets a perfect score. If ever she got wrongs, she usually committed either 1 or 2 mistakes only. But if ever she got more wrongs than that, the more her classmates got low scores, in other words, the test was quite difficult.

Anyways, I was glad for my daughter’s achievement but I was also a bit disappointed. My daughter got flat A’s with no grades below 96 in all subjects and yet some of her classmates who got B’s in there cards still ended up 1st honors. It’s quite frustrating. I wish the school will show the percentile grades of the students at least everyone will know who really tops the rank. Sigh….

The giving of medals will be next week. My husband and I don’t know what to give her. Our daughter actually doesn’t ask anything and although we kind of like that, turns out it gives us headache because we don’t know what to give her that she will like. I guess we’ll talk about it this weekend. But for sure, we will dine somewhere with family and relatives after their recognition ceremony.

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