Same Old, Same Old


Posted by K | Posted in Opinion, Politics | Posted on 17-02-2017

I dunno how to feel about our current administration right now. It’s even scary if someone would post their disappointment or dismay on their social media coz they will get bashed left and right. Worst, these bashers are so mean coz they get below the belt. They are the loyal supporters of the current admin who never accepts criticisms even if it’s constructive. And even if you are not a supporter of their number 1 nemesis, they are just blind to see that because they chose to believe what they want to believe. It’s just plain annoying!

So, I’ll just post my dismay here on my blog coz I can screen the people who will come here and give comments. I’m just disappointed that the processing of government ID’S or papers (passports, license, plate numbers) are being delayed. I thought it was mentioned by our Chief Commander to hasten it but the result was the exact opposite! I dunno know who’s to blame here coz the staff are pointing one finger to another. One staff reasoned out that they were still processing the delayed license since 2 years ago. Oh. Wow! Another one said, it was because of the newly established system that caused the delay. Oh. Wow. Again!

I’m still crossing my fingers, though, that this will not take FOREVER. Or else, I would say, this is just the same as the old government. Nothing’s new. Nothing’s changed.

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Largest Musical Instrument Retailer


Posted by K | Posted in Music | Posted on 17-02-2017

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To know more about them, visit their site and start browsing the items you considering buying 😉

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Another Worst Flood in January


Posted by K | Posted in Life, Weather | Posted on 20-01-2017


Pardon my silence but sometimes I need to be silent especially when I have nothing nice to say. I know I could rant here all day long coz this is my blog anyway! But I opted to keep my cool and let bygones be bygones.

Ah, I’m in a better mood now than in the past few days so I guess I can say things that I’d like to say this time but I will not try to go on a personal level.

Perhaps I would just talk about the things happened recently in our place. Yeah, I was one of the proud citizens before claiming that our city was a safe place to live but now, not anymore…sigh.

We’ve recently been flooded and to think there was no typhoon signal coz they say it’s just an LPA (or Low pressure area). But the heavy rain did not stop for 5 hours. Worst, it was high tide that’s why many areas in our city got flooded. It was even scary to think that the urban area or the metropolis got heavily flooded that you can see several cars floating. Shoppers at the mall, students at the school and people around the city got stranded coz of the flood and it was dangerous for them to go home. For them to be safe, they stayed where they were until everything was clear. Good thing that the malls allowed the shoppers to stay overnight while it was impossible for them to go home. Unfortunately for the students and teachers in one school, they could not get out and help was also impossible to get into their campus because of the strong current. It was so heartbreaking to hear that they were so hungry and scared when afternoon turned into night until daybreak came.

Morning came and everyone stranded was finally able to go home. I was so relieved to hear that news. However, I saw and read a lot of rants on social media. People were quick to point fingers of who’s at fault and they blamed entirely the government. Yes, the government may be at fault but everyone should be accountable here. If only citizens throw their garbage properly, then it would not have caused to clog the drainage! Even simple traffic rules and regulations were not followed and these violators were the ones who complained a lot! Geeez!

I got stuck in traffic that afternoon also because I was trying to fetch my daughter at school. Her school was less than 10-minute ride if there was no traffic. But on the afternoon of January 16, I arrived at her school more than 2 hours. It was one of the worst moments in my life. Yeah, I got scared but later tried to be braved coz I HAVE TO! I need to get to my daughter and bring her home safe and sound! Unfortunately, it seems all vehicles used that route coz there was a landslide at the other road. Fortunately, when I fetched my daughter, it only took us only around 25 minutes to reach home. Well, that was better than another 2-hour ride!

While stuck on traffic I saw a lot of garbage from the sidewalk. I passed by the hills and so many trash and debris fell down (which scared me a little bit coz I thought I get hit). I know these were the people’s doings so no one was to blame but us. While waiting for my turn to pass the road, some motorists could not wait for their turn, blocking the way thus causing more traffic — stupid dumb***!

So now, tell me, who was more to blame? If only disciplined is instilled in all our minds and hearts, I guess we could lessen the problem here. Although I’m proud to say that I am a law-abiding citizen, but how many here who’s like me, perhaps one in a million? Gosh, so sad 🙁

Guess I’ve to stop here now coz I might say a lot of bad things. I just hope the new generation will be taught properly about discipline and following rules and regulations for the sake of their future.

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Learn More About Presonus Studio One3


Posted by K | Posted in Music | Posted on 14-12-2016

According to a certain website I found online, presonus studio one 3 is somewhat a sophisticated songwriting, arranging and music production just got a whole lot easier. And I seem to agree with that after I reading its features. The arranger track and scratch pads have powerful engines, has more instruments that you can take to the bank, more plug-in control and a lot more!

The amazing features could probably bring in a whole new generation of musicians, DJs, arrangers and composers. Browse this online to learn more about it. I’m pretty sure you will benefit a lot from them!

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Hard Time Logging In


Posted by K | Posted in Life | Posted on 07-12-2016

Finally I’m able to post now…whew! I had a hard time login in to my account as the password was changed and it won’t also recognize my email ad. I am not good in fixing technical things so I sought for help from someone who knows it. I’ve been trying to fix it on my own but to no avail. Until I was quite desperate coz I was not able to blog some paid post until well, they expired…

Anyways, I don’t like to think of what I lost because what’s important is I am able to login now and post some new entries here. I am happy and relieved when this blog is finally fixed. I just hope I will get another paid post soon and I will surely do it right away…

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