Tips for Sticking to Your Budget

Some people like to save money and it is easy for them. Unfortunately, other may find it difficult to save money. Whether you are looking for purchase a new car or just want to save money for a rainy day, creating a budget can help you get there. The only thing you have to do is actually stick to it if you want to see your savings grow.

Here are three tips for sticking to your budget.

Avoid buying things you don’t need

Everyone buys thing that they don’t need from time to time. It is not hard to convince yourself that you need a pair of jeans even though you have plenty in your closet and dresser. If you want to stick to your budget, you need to say no to yourself and avoid buying things you don’t need. By doing this, you can definitely save money and stay within the amount you have allowed yourself to spend on certain things.

Make lists when going shopping

Do you make a list when you go to the store? If you don’t, or only use a list sometimes, you have probably found that on those shopping trips where you don’t have a list handy, you reach for the things you don’t need and spend more money than necessary. When you go into the store with a list, you won’t be tempted to buy anything other than what is on the list. This will ultimately help you save and stick to your budget.

Be realistic

It can be hard to stick to your budget if you’re not realistic about it. For example, if you only allow yourself to spend a certain amount on groceries, but already know you’ll need to go over this amount, your budget is pointless. Yes, it is important that you allow yourself to buy the things you need to survive, and this is definitely something you can do if you are realistic about your budget.

Everyone should have a little money saved. When you don’t have money, you can’t purchase the things you want, like clothes, shoes, a gift for a loved one from Shari’s Berries or anything else you are interested in buying. However, before you can have the money you need for these things, you have to learn to save a few bucks regardless of how difficult it may be.

Let’s Be Cool About Life

I just came from my FB page and wow, I just read some rants of the people I know who thought that they’re the only ones entitled to say something. They tend to correct other people’s mistakes but not looking on their own. Instead they judge, they say something not nice or use some proverbs or any bible quotes and used it against another person. So, just wow!

I refrain from saying something in my FB wall because other people will not get it. Even if the message is not for them, some felt it’s about them. I dunno why they think that way, as if everything revolves around them. So, I still stick to my old motto, less talk less mistake. I think it’s safe to rant in my blog so here I am, free to say so.

Anyway, I’ll just share some details later if I feel the need to share something. But I guess you noticed most of my blogs in here were mere opinion and didn’t say anything bad to a particular person. I’ll just say that let’s continue to spread good vibes and let’s be cool about life 🙂

Same Old, Same Old

I dunno how to feel about our current administration right now. It’s even scary if someone would post their disappointment or dismay on their social media coz they will get bashed left and right. Worst, these bashers are so mean coz they get below the belt. They are the loyal supporters of the current admin who never accepts criticisms even if it’s constructive. And even if you are not a supporter of their number 1 nemesis, they are just blind to see that because they chose to believe what they want to believe. It’s just plain annoying!

So, I’ll just post my dismay here on my blog coz I can screen the people who will come here and give comments. I’m just disappointed that the processing of government ID’S or papers (passports, license, plate numbers) are being delayed. I thought it was mentioned by our Chief Commander to hasten it but the result was the exact opposite! I dunno know who’s to blame here coz the staff are pointing one finger to another. One staff reasoned out that they were still processing the delayed license since 2 years ago. Oh. Wow! Another one said, it was because of the newly established system that caused the delay. Oh. Wow. Again!

I’m still crossing my fingers, though, that this will not take FOREVER. Or else, I would say, this is just the same as the old government. Nothing’s new. Nothing’s changed.