Politics in the Philippines

It has been almost a month since we had our Philippine election but it seems that people had not yet moved on. If ever the winner is declared, the losing end will not accept defeat. Instead, they cried recount, claiming that they had been cheated. Yep, that’s the way it is in the Philippines!

And now, the new sets of government administration and the media are in circus. Interviews made were sensationalized, people overacted, the interviewees’ answers were exaggerated and the result was a complete disaster!

Sometimes, I don’t like to hear or read the news because it became so showbizy, and I thought I was trying to get updates on the current news.

Anyhoo, I am just expressing what I’ve observed for the past years that I have exercised my right to vote. And this only not happens on election, it’s almost everyday.

I wish the news that I am going to read in the coming days will have some sense. I hope I can even find a better news site online. However, this is the Philippines. Why should I then be surprise?

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