My Thoughts About Bullying

Bullying is common among kids. Parents should instill good values to their kids and teach them what is right and wrong. Discipline is the key to make our kids grow a better person. But I understand that there are parents who doesn’t want to scold their children. For them, talking is enough. However, sometimes kids need to be reprimanded and be scolded as not to repeat the same mistakes again. Often, some of these kids grow to be a spoiled-brat and rude. Sadly, I knew a lot of them but I don’t want to tell the parents about their children’s bad attitude because I know they would be insulted. But perhaps I’ll just wait for the right timing.

I’m talking about bullying because despite the new law implemented against bullying, some still got away with these. In the child’s formative years, parents should already instill discipline to their children. Sadly for my 7 year old child, she has lots of classmates who were bullies. But most of the time, I tried to understand their kids. They are often times sweet but when their being a ‘bully’ strikes, they chose no one whom to bully.

My little one was bitten twice by her classmates. Once, I witnessed her classmate pinching her hands, the other one, slapped her many times on the back for no reason at all. The one that pinched her, I called her attention. But the one who slapped her, I gave her a dagger look then she backed off. The one who bit her, I didn’t witness at all but the student was brought to the guidance counselor for discipline.

My child has speech delay so definitely, she won’t talk or tell easily who bullied her. Thanks to some of her classmates who reported and thanks to my sharp eyes for seeing others who attempted to bully her.

Funny thing is, these bullies sometimes have to guts to be the victim. Often, they complained that they were pushed without telling the reason why. Oh, I know why. Just like what I saw. The one who pinched my daughter was pushed and she fell on the floor almost hitting her head. She complained to the teacher about my daughter’s doing. Only to find out that she pinched my daughter many times. Since my child cannot converse that easily because of her delayed speech, she was in pain already and her only reason to communicate to stop that bully was to push her. There, she got what she deserved. But to blame my daughter? Uh-oh. Wrong.

But despite that, I still told my daughter that pushing is bad. She knew what is right from wrong. I just hope parents will do that to their kids, too. If they cannot discipline their kids while they are young, what will happen to them when they grow up?